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"We all need people to give us feedback. That's how we improve." - Bill Gates

Their work with us has made our culture stronger, which has translated to higher performance and a stronger business – by people and profits. They are trusted colleagues.

- Amanda Daniel, VP, HumanResources NA & Corp Organizational Development 

Employee engagement is a person’s psychological connection to their job and organization. Employees with a high engagement level do their best work, provide the greatest service to customers, and are energetic and enthusiastic. Employee engagement is vital for a thriving and successful work and learning environment, so it is critical to assess your employee engagement. You’ll emerge with an accurate engagement pulse of your key resources: your employees.


What insight will you gain: 

  • Learn how engaged employees actually are

  • Identify areas of improvement to design solutions

  • Access the impact of initiatives to see if they are working

  • Monitor problem areas

  • Highlight what’s working well

  • Check in on the effectiveness of leaders


  • Research shows that those organizations that check in on what’s supporting and getting in the way of engagement yield higher profits than those that don’t.

  • An engagement process works to get your leaders demonstrating key behaviors that support engagement.

  • You’ll better define and shape the culture you want to have.



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