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Cohort Program

Exceptional leadership support starts here

Our Cohort program is based on research that leaders learn best when they’re learning with a set of trusted peers over time. Our year-long or six-month programs incorporate live workshops, online training, reading, and journaling. Learners also receive small group coaching to reinforce the learning and create customized individual leadership development plans.

This map utilizes the best leadership strategies: in-person learning, online learning and customized coaching to achieve desired outcome: Exceptional leaders supporting high performance and engagement in order to achieve the Advanced Group strategic goals.

Other Strategies Used

1. Journaling and refection

2. On-the-job challenges and


3. Reading assignments

4. Online assignments (including

selected TED Talks and videos)

Popular Topics Include: 

  1. Driving Engagement

  2. Coaching for Accountability 

  3. Team Leadership

  4. Leading Through Change

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