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Finally an eLearning tool that has seamless integration, powerful content, and immediate skill application that is delivered in 15 minutes or less! Our courses, like our in-person sessions, combine humor with the latest research which provides the motivation and tools employees and leaders need to show up and be their best self - both at work and in the world. We inspire change and connection. 

Here's why it's great: 

  • Unique bit-sized learning that are typically 15 minutes or less. 

  • Relatable workplace scenarios brought to life using humor. 

  • Pre-quiz which establishes a baseline for learning and a post-quiz for progress and retention. 

  • Powerful tools and resources for individuals and teams that drive the learning home.

  • Courses that seamlessly adapt to most (if not all) devices and LMS platforms.

  • Courses are SCORM and Tin Can API compliant that can play seamlessly in your LMS on any desktop, laptop, and mobile device your learners choose. Courses can also be delivered via a web link. 

  • Courses are licensed by organization, not per user. This means anyone within your organization can have access to the eLearning you have purchased with Leading Edge.

  • Discounts available. We offer multi-year discounts as well as discounts on some of our additional Leading Edge products and services.

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