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Our mission at Leading Edge is to inspire others - both at work and in the world - to connect and communicate just a little better each day. We do this through laughter and through finding humor in those awkward, not so great interactions at work. Through decades of combined experience, we have found that learning through laughter connects everyone from all walks of life and levels of experience.

Each of our sessions include hilarious scenes that are customized to your audience and industry, partner activities to build connection and perspective, and of course, those moments where hard questions are posed and lightbulbs go off. In here lies the magic of our workshops, where walls are broken down and change occurs. They are truly transformative. 


Some of our most popular keynote sessions include:

  • Managing Energy and Time in a World that Sucks You Dry

  • Multi-Generational Relationships

  • Managing Change and Transition

  • Receiving Feedback with Grace

  • Service from the Inside-Out


Click here for our full catalog of classes!

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